I met up twice with my new training buddy and fellow LA Tri Club-ber Melanie this past week, and we have 2 runs scheduled for this next week. She is so awesome! Not only is she funny and vibrant (especially key at 6 a.m.) she is RELIABLE and PUNCTUAL. We’ve also inspired each other to do the Mission Bay/ Jamba Tri Oct 2nd in San Diego. It’ll be her first, and, assuming all goes well with Malibu, my third.

So, for the next four weekends, I will be attending my ‘catered workouts’: Malibu this coming weekend, then Jamba, then Hermosa, then the Long Beach 1/2. Lest you scream I’m overdoing it, keep in mind I am slow, the tri’s are sprint distances, and it’s all working up to the half.

Dave and I biked today — Sunday mornings are a good time because the Strand usually isn’t crowded yet.

We had to switch from the November 12th Solvang ride to a 50 miler, the Solvang Prelude, November 5th. Melanie will also be riding. Of course, we’ve already started to talk about hitting wineries that afternoon…