Tri #2 down! Hermosa coming up this weekend!

How could you go wrong? Sprint distance, swim in the bay (no surf or waves or swells), free Jamba Juice afterwards (well, they ran out, but the thought was there, and we did enjoy free icy beer in the beer ‘cage’ afterwards)…

….and bonking with calf muscle cramps the whole 3.1 miles of the run.

My own damn fault. I got so excited in the transition area that I a) neglected to take my Clif shot prior to the bike and b) neglected to take my Clif shot before the run. And, oh yeah, didn’t bring any along with me on the run.

Now, if y’all remember, I had bad calf cramps during Malibu too, but they eventually went away. Thinking back on it, they went away AFTER I’D HAD A CLIF SHOT (that was conveniently located in the back pocket of my tri top — note I wasn’t wearing the tri top for Jamba).

Well, now I know for next time.

Highlights: one of the biggest for me was that the waves alternated between men and women, so, since I signed up in the 35-39 yr group, I wasn’t in the last wave for once. Psychologically it helped to have a bunch of other people finish after me.

Time: 1:45:02

And congrats and hugs to Melanie — it was her first, and we finished together (thank you for suffering with me at the end! and then drinking beer!).