So I’m adding it up in my head, just estimates for times for all three legs of Wildflower, and I’m thinking, wow, 4 hrs at least. (And again, we’re talking Oly, not long, course.)

I don’t want to be out there that long.

I’m sure that’s a realization that comes to every slow triathlete or runner. Yeah, I’ve finished 2 marathons, and I was out there over 6 1/2 hrs.. Per marathon, not total, mind you. It gets old.

The only good thing is that I fully believe I can and will get better, if nothing else because of sheer stubborness, as long as I keep up with my training. I’m nowhere near the point where I have to figure out all sorts of esoteric workouts to improve. Just doing it will make me improve.

I can tell I’m becoming a better runner. I am also becoming more aware of what is an easy, moderate or hard pace for me; how far I can go at that pace; and so on. And my easy pace is faster than it used to be.

This morning’s run on the Strand (about 4.5 miles, including ending up a hill — admittedly you start by going down that same hill), I caught up to my husband at the end (he’s slow, too, but faster than me overall). I cut down one of my walk breaks* and ran more time and pushed myself (huffing and puffing to an observer; to me, I was just timing my breaths with my strides and exhaling forcefully) just because, damn it, I WANTED TO CATCH HIM.

The sad thing is, if I didn’t take walk breaks, if I could maintain my pace, I’m faster than him. I think as I consistently increase the run portion, and as my endurance improves, I’ll get to that point. And honestly, I think I could do longer time on the run at the same pace I’m doing the majority of those intervals (but not at the ‘I’m trying to catch Dave’ pace). So next week sometime I’ll be increasing the run time.

Watch out, hon!

*I have to admit that when I’m doing those run: walk intervals, those times are SACROSANCT. I live for the beeping of my watch, signalling those intervals. Currently I’m still at run 4, walk 2.