Workouts so far this week:

  • Monday: off (I know, great start, but I did do the sprint tri Sunday)
  • Tuesday: ran with Dave (short but hard, especially at the end): short loop (Greenbelt to 190th to Strand & up Pier and back to the car)
  • Wednesday: lifted (Hammer bench & decline — you know how you always like doing something you’re relatively good at? that’s decline for me; lat pulldowns; seated rows; tricep machine; preacher curl bicep machine. I also did a couple half-hearted sets on the poorly designed, pain in the ass leg press they have (NEVER AGAIN will I try that machine — the apparatus for unlocking the carriage is so user-unfriendly if something went wrong I’d end up with blown out kneecaps).)
  • Wednesday: Spin class

Workouts for the rest of the week:

  • Thursday: Run with Mel
  • Friday: Lift & swim. Spin class
  • Saturday: Long run with Mel and Dave. Possible early a.m. swim
  • Sunday: Long bike &/or hills