Just a short report, longer to follow!

The race started as a tri but ended up being a du — the swim got cancelled due to the wicked longshore current. Instead, we got to run 1/4 mile thru knee high to waist high surf. No kidding.

You know how triathlon is all about how you look? Well, we all looked like idiots!

I can’t blame the race organizers, they made the best call for our safety — even the lifeguards couldn’t hold their positions in the water with the current.

Regardless, it was harder than doing a normal 1/4 mile swim. My legs were shot.

I kicked butt (for me) on the bike, averaging 17.1 mph despite the wind being in my face the whole time (no idea how that happened, but other people felt the same way). I knew, between the run in the surf and me hammering on the bike, I was going to pay on the run — and I did.

I averaged 12:40 per mile on the run. Ouch. And I hardly walked. So yeah, that was a 12:40 dead leg shuffle.