We’re leaving for Fiji tonight so no updates til at least the 18th.

Last week was an okay one for training, including a spin class, two runs (one a hill workout, in the very blustery wind and miserable rain (remember, this is Southern California!!! I’m not used to bad weather!) and 50 minutes on the elliptical machine at the gym last night (which I was able to do easier at a higher resistance than the last time I’d worked out on it (months ago?) — don’t get me wrong, still got my heartrate up, it just really did seem easier. I’m wanting to credit that to my increasing fitness levels, thank you!).

This morning we’re meeting Mel for a repeat of the PV ride then a short run afterwards.

I’m not planning on doing any runs in Fiji, though we will be doing some hiking. Apparently the resort does have mountain bikes (or some sort of bikes) we can use, as well as a small gym. One afternoon we have a guided kayak outing. (And horses! horseback riding included.) And of course we’re going to be doing ten dives over five days. The big thing for me I think will be to NOT gorge on food. I’ve lost over 10lbs so far since seriously starting to try losing weight and I DON’T want to put any of it back on.