I think I mentioned earlier that Mel signed up with Acme Coaching, and that we’re both doing her training plan.


And ouch.

I don’t see how we’re a) not going to get a lot better and b) not going to lose weight if we follow this. It’s a huge difference from our ‘oh, let’s run a little further today’ type of ‘training’ we were doing before, or even the canned plan I had purchased for Wildflower.

(I’m now considering all our past training as base training, if I have to put a label on it. And honestly, I can see huge improvements just on our normal runs from last summer. So it certainly wasn’t wasted time; and if we hadn’t done all that before getting this training plan, we wouldn’t be ABLE to do this plan.)

Plus, it’s a lot of fun to throw around terms like “tempo” and “zone 4” and brag about your hill repeats and so on.

Alcatraz is next weekend. I’m a little scared (should I be more scared?). My goals are simple newbie goals: a) to finish and b) do so before any cut off times.