Nope, didn’t do this one.

But Mel and I volunteered.

This was the first time, in all my years of 5ks, 10ks, marathons (well, 2), half marathons, etc, and now tri’s, that I have volunteered to help with a race. Kinda ashamed of that, actually.

But it was so much fun. I helped a bunch of newbies (including one, bless him, so clueless he didn’t know he had to have a helmet), setting up and/or reviewing their transitions areas, giving tips and advice, and zipping people up in their wetsuits. (For a brief time I actually felt like AN EXPERIENCED (at least in number of tri’s) TRIATHLETE.) And cheering….just seeing the ear to ear grins of people when you call out their number and they hear you….awesome.

We were actually working the LA Tri Club tent, so in addition to the above, we helped set up the racks in the transition area, set up our tent, pass out Power Bars and Gels (they’re one of our sponsors) to club members pre-race (and to whoever wanted them post-race), and talking up what a great club we have (and we do).