Lots to update but no time to do it! We went on our backpacking trip to Yosemite over the 4th of July weekend — 30+ miles over 4 days, including Half Dome (though I only made it to the cables) and Cloud’s Rest in the same day — and now have a slight overuse Achille’s tendonitis I’m trying to heal from.

I have to point out I don’t like heights. I REALLY don’t like heights. I was nearly in tears descending the ‘Golden Staircase’ by Half Dome, and after summiting Cloud’s Rest all I could do was sit at the top (the very very small top) and hug the rock in the middle.

More on the trip later.

Oh, and tri training has been totally out the window, though I did make it to the gym Thursday a.m. for stretching, some lifting, and some core stuff. Planning on the gym again today for more of the same. My ankle/tendon still feels off but it’s getting better, so hopefully I’ll be riding and running next week.

HOWEVER….in tri news….I did cut almost 20 min off last year’s time at the Breath of Life sprint. Woo hoo!