We’re moving.

At least, our house is going on the market in the next few days and we’re probably going to make an offer on a house this week – a cute Spanish Colonial Revival bungalow in east Hermosa Beach. Killer ocean view from the deck (and it does seem — famous last words — unblockable).

This house hunting has been interesting this time around. Our tastes have definitely crystallized — we’re best off not looking at anything POST-1940, for example (a 1970s house sent me running out the door in horror). The more coved ceilings and arches, the better, along with glass door knobs, built-ins, wood floors, plaster walls (as opposed to drywall), and so on….and yes, space/square footage is secondary to style, in our minds. And of all the different types of bungalows to be found in California (Mission, Craftsman, Tudor etc), we like the Spanish Colonial best.

So that’s my excuse this time around, besides working my butt off overbooking myself earning money to contribute to our new house. Triathlon training, knitting AND blogging have all obviously suffered.

I did buy some Cherry Hill laceweight possum/merino that was half off and am playing with combing some patterns from the Walker treasuries to make a scarf/stole for my mom. Pic (and chart!) to follow if I succeed. I’ve picked some pretty easy lace patterns so hopefully I won’t get too bogged down but it will still maintain my interest.

And I acquired a copy of Rowan Denim (which I like much better than Denim People) and am thinking that a cozy cotton gansey or aran would do quite nicely for the fall evenings (spent on, hopefully, that deck with said killer ocean view, if not at the beach itself).