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Escrow, work, and training

We’re in escrow in our (new) house and go into escrow tomorrow morning on our (old) house.

Between overbooking for the summer and then selling our house, triathlon training has suffered. I do also think not scheduling anything between Breath of Life the end of June and Malibu September 17th was not a wise move — I need the excitement of races to give my training a kick.

One good thing I’ve noticed about this past year and a half or so of training is the big improvement in my cardiac fitness. I know, duh, but it used to be that any pace faster than a walk zoomed my heartrate to its max. Now I actually have a ‘light activity’ pace, that I can maintain for awhile (couple miles at least without the walk breaks that used to be required). Not to say I don’t have runs during which breaks are required, but still, definite, measurable, objective improvement has occurred.