Long run this a.m. — only 6 miles but Dave and I did intervals yesterday and I was wiped. We’re loosely following the half marathon training program Your Better Half at Runner’s World. I had an awesome, ‘why can’t I run like this in a race’ run on Tuesday with Mel.

We’re also thinking of our plan for next year. I know we’re going to do some of our regulars — Breath of Life, Malibu, and Wildflower Oly. We’re thinking of a half ironman as our big race, later in the season (i.e. August/September as opposed to May). Suggestions? Driving distance is best — that means anywhere in California up to Napa (we’re thinking maybe Barb’s Race).

The Long Beach bike tour was fun. The Solvang Planet Ultra metric century is coming up in a couple weeks — I’m so not prepared. The only saving grace was that I wasn’t prepared for the Prelude last November and I survived, and I’m now a much better cyclist (relatively speaking).

All the house stuff has gone through! We’ll be in our new house on the 6th of November (just in time for us to leave for the long weekend in Solvang). Between then and now we’ll be moving stuff, having the floors refinished, wood floors installed in the kitchen, and whatever else comes up.