Way too long in between updates.

Over the last month training has been so-so, simply because I was sick for about two weeks. Dave and I went running twice this past week, the first times for me since getting sick. I felt pretty good. Since we’ve been trying to run faster (tempo runs, intervals) I’ve found my base pace — what feels good/right — has increased (which of course is the point).

I’m planning on going to the gym this morning (we’re in Austin visiting my parents — unfortunately it’s too nasty and cold and rainy for this California girl to go running by Town Lake this morning) and lifting and doing intervals on the treadmill. We have a ‘travel card’ that’s included with our Gold’s Gym membership — basically you can visit any Gold’s more than 75 miles from your home gym. Handy.

We’ve signed up for Wildflower for 2007 (still the Oly). Dave entered the lottery for Escape from Alcatraz but didn’t get a slot. If he doesn’t in the February drawing we may do the San Diego Rock N Roll marathon that weekend — Dave’s thinking he wants to do a marathon (he hasn’t done one yet) and, since we’re still trying to pick a half Ironman for later in 2007 we’ll be doing the running.

Strawberry Fields is having a duathlon as well as the tri; considering what happened the past 2 years (we didn’t do 2 years ago but saw video footage of the horrendously huge surf, and last year the currents turned it into a du anyway) we may very well just sign up for the duathlon.

Of course we’ll be doing Malibu again next year — can’t see not doing it, it’s a lot of fun and when else can you see David Duchovny in a wetsuit?

We’ll fill in between with some trail runs, I’m sure; I’m enjoying those more and more. Generic Events puts on great runs — the Topanga Turkey Trot is becoming a yearly tradition for us. The pain of going up the initial hill is so overwhelmed by the sheer joy of the descent and little ups and downs by the creeks for the last couple miles. (Though the route we do is nominally a 5k, I tracked the course distance as about 3.8 miles on my Polar footpod. It felt about that far, and my time makes sense at that distance.)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!