…the roof is done.

The nice thing about coastal California is that there aren’t too many nasty bugs. A bly once in a while gets in the house. Maybe a line of little ants, trekking who knows where. Nary a cockroach.

The bad thing is we do get one bug in spades: termites.

And unseen termite damage, hidden by the roof, and no way of knowing until the roof is ripped off.

At least it’s fixed now.

On another note, we have the paint for the walls and the cabinets, and the black milk glass repro knobs and pulls, but we’ve made no progress on painting (i.e. we’ve not yet even started).

Next weekend we’re going to Santa Barbara (I’m getting my second tattoo, we’ll go bicycling, probably go to Santa Ynez for wine tasting — especially at the wineries to whose wineclubs I belong, like Andrew Murray and Zaca Mesa and Consilience)….so no painting then.

The following weekend we’re doing a half marathon in Carlsbad. Obviously no painting then.

The weekend after…..we’d better paint SOMETHING.

I’ve also ordered fruit trees (white nectarines, a couple low chill apples, plums), raspberries, figs, blackberries and blueberries to start transforming our yard. Our choices are limited because we’re in a decidely low chill area….plus it doesn’t get hot. Ideal climate for all our fun outdoor stuff but not so good for variety in the home orchard.