I’m trying to figure out a training plan for the year. Has anyone used Friel’s book and wants to comment? I want to be a little more focused, less haphazard. I found the training schedule templates online here (thanks! saved me from writing them up myself).

I’d rather learn how to do this myself rather than just get another generic online coaching plan (even one geared to a specific race; I still have one for Wildflower for example); and I can’t justify (nor do I want to spend) the $ on a real live in person coach.

Online coaching? Melanie’s experience with her online coach was mixed.

He did come up with a highly tailored A-race(s) oriented plan, with workouts based on her schedule and available training hours. The workouts were very specific. Tempo runs. Intervals. Hill workouts (both bike and run). Bike intervals just using one leg. Swim drills. Zone 3. Zone 4. Zone 5 (ACK!). The minutes in each. You needed the multi-page attachment detailing the workouts to decipher the cryptic abbreviations on the calendar days themselves. Plans like that make you feel like a triathlete in training even if you are a back of packer.

However, he was not very reachable (via email or phone) nor did he consistently check in on her (phone or email), or respond to her questions in a timely manner, all things which were supposed to be part of her coaching packet (and part of why it was expensive). So, I’m a little leary of online coaching as well (yes, I know that is only one example, hardly scientific proof).

I’m sure though I’ll use some of the workouts plugged into my overall plan, or at least use them as a template for certain types of workouts.

After I decide on my A, B and C races; after I do my year plan, break it into its certain parts; after I start plugging in workouts for each week; then I’ll post it here and do like Nancy does — post how well I’m doing each week.