Good news: I PR’d.

Bad news: My achilles tendon (left) and knees (especially right) slowed me down to a walk the last couple miles. Today, my achilles tendons (yes, both) are twinging only a little (but I’ve not tried to do anything more than walk). Curiously (because it didn’t hurt during the run), my left knee (directly over the patella) really aches, and my right knee is not too thrilled. (Muscle-wise I feel pretty much ok.)

I would’ve PR’d by A LOT MORE if I hadn’t hurt myself.

More and longer long slow distance runs would’ve toughened my ligaments and tendons (at least, this I believe).

I was reviewing all my half & full marathon times this morning. Here’s the summary:

March 2001 Los Angeles Marathon with Team in Training. Planned on walking it, ending up with a negative split because alternating running and walking hurt less than just walking. Time: 6:42:59

February 2003 Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon. My first real introduction to chocolate gels. How I loved the people at mile 8 handing them out! Time: 3:07:44

June 2003 San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon. Two and a half years later I’d forgotten how painful a marathon can be. Time: 6:38:23

October 2003 Long Beach Half Marathon. Did this with my at-the-time boss who kicked my ass. Time: 3:03:57

February 2004 Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon. Time: 3:06:17

Spring 2004 Great Race of Agoura Half Marathon. Half road, half trail. I ended up with bloody Achilles tendons (well, the skin over them was raw), grossing out lots of people. I wore too short of socks and the backs of my shoes rubbed. A lot. Time: 3:27:00

January 2006 Carlsbad Half.
My first time breaking 3 hours. Time 2:54:09

January 2007 Carlsbad Half.
Time 2:49:52