Things in our house that are environmentally good choices:

  • Compact fluorescent bulbs 90%
  • One TV
  • ~930 sq feet for the two of us
  • Recent furniture purchases: antiques from Craig’s List (bookcase, dining table, chairs, antique stove, Hoosier cabinet), garage sale (small wooden desk that’s on our front porch), local antique store (bookcase).
  • Used our old linens til tearing, replaced w/ ones made of organic cotton
  • Frequent shopping at the local farmer’s market
  • Choosing certified organic products
  • Choosing meat from humanely raised animals
  • Not eating meat daily
  • Planned garden to include fruit trees, vegetable and herb beds, and native plants as opposed to lawn

No so green:

  • Oak floor installed in kitchen and kitchen nook
  • Purchasing a new TV (wall-mounted LCD) (the new TV will be passed on to friends, rather than dumped)
  • Dave’s XTerra
  • My Subaru
  • Eating meat as often as we do
  • Not bicycling as often as we should for transportation
  • Enjoying our central heat (our old house didn’t have it) (though we keep it at 68 or lower)

I’ll add more to both categories as I think of them.