It was (relatively) hot last weekend. I do poorly in the heat.

The Redondo Superbowl 10k is actually a decent course, set on roads that we bike on a lot and occasionally run on (seems we generally head north towards Manhattan Beach rather than south towards Redondo for running). You get to check out the surf on the way back to the finish line. How it’s set up has some psychological benefits too — the perceived turnaround point is past the actual halfway mark, so the way back is faster.

Bike-wise, Saturday I made it up that 14% grade on Prospect without bailing out. Woo hoo!!! We did have a lovely 20 mile ride past the 10k course and around PV West to Hawthorne and back — great ocean views from the cliffs. I can tell the hills are getting easier.

I’ve been doing well at the gym, too; I can get my whole body lifting workout, some stretching, and a little bit of Precor/ elliptical machine done in about 1:15-1:30 hrs. Some of my lifts I superset. I’m not getting the ‘just started lifting weights again’ soreness that I was repeatedly subjecting myself too previously. I’ve been able to increase weight on most exercises, including leg extensions, which have to be the most painful lift for me — it seems on those it matters little how much weight I put on, by the eighth or ninth rep my quads are burning.