We planted the fruit trees this past weekend — pics to follow. Unfortunately the nursery ran out of Peregrine, but we have PLENTY of trees.

We still need to plant the berries. I’m thinking of doing the blueberries in large containers for the time being (deal with the needed soil acidity) and running the canes alongside yard edge near our neighbor’s driveway (planted several feet in of course).

We still need to do some sort of fence. I’m tired of people letting their dogs (on or off leash) run into our yard and not even cleaning up their dog’s subsequent mess. We have a dog. We don’t let our dog do that to other peoples’ yards. Anyway, I also would like a fence so we can let Rigel out front safely off leash.

However, because we’re on a corner lot, we can’t do a solid fence/wall (though we may be able to fudge it a little because of the weird shape of our lot and the fact you can only legally make a right turn at our corner, not a left (so seeing traffic coming from the right is not so critical (assuming whoever’s driving can stay on their side of the road))).

A typical picket fence just doesn’t look right with the Spanish style. I’m trying to find examples of options online and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Any ideas? Maybe a combo stucco wall/ rustic wood thing?