Spring Break, the Napa wine trip and a week of work later and here’s a quick update.

All the fruit trees are doing something. The Beverly Hills apple is the slowpoke of the bunch, just started to leaf out now, which I suppose (or at least am hoping) makes sense because it is supposed to bear later than the other apples.

Most of the Las Pilitas plants are doing okay. The yarrows liked yesterday’s rain.

Grass is (not surprisingly) coming up through the mulch. We’re going to try weeding it and if necessary some judicious applications of Roundup (yes, I’ve caved to the eventual necessity of using Roundup).

We bought more plants from the Theodore Payne Foundation today. They have a great nursery and I was able to get some plants that I’d wanted but Las Pilitas didn’t have. I’ll post a list shortly, as well as take some pics of the yard with plants.

The front yard is still taking most of our house time. Painting the dining alcove, kitchen and kitchen nook will probably be the next indoors task.