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Theodore Payne plants

Okay, here’s the list of what we planted this weekend:

Verbena lilacina (from Baja)
“Blue Mist” manzanita (ground-coverish)
2 x Heuchera “Rosada” for the shadier side yard
Heuchara maxima for the shadier side yard
Galvezia “firecracker”
Eriogonum grande rubescens
Eriogonum umbellatum
Verbena gooddingii (more of a desert plant, planted it in the gravel near one of the big rocks)
Lupinus longifolius
Arcto. manzanita
Yucca whipplei “Our Lord’s Candle” (planted in the gravel with rocks)
Salvia “Pt. Sal”
6x Deschampsia elongata — I swear, these have already grown since planting them.

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