I’m typing this as we watch the Survivor Fiji finale, so, we’ll see how focused I am between cheering for Yau Man. I really want him to win!

Wildflower Oly

I felt more prepared this year for Wildflower than last year.

Didn’t matter.

Yes, I did do better time-wise this year (by almost 2 minutes, not that big a deal when spread over the time it takes me to do Wildflower).

But, I did the same or worse in each leg. I had a very good (for me) T1 and a fair T2 timewise (more on that later, though).

On the swim I had a mini panic attack at the beginning, god only knows where that came from, and it took me awhile to get into my groove.

Time-wise I did 40-odd seconds better in the bike, but this year I didn’t stop for a port-a-potty break. I made it up all but one hill without stopping — my knees where hurting so bad I needed a 30 or so second break late in the bike. I remember about 2/3 into the bike thinking I had nothing left for the run, which was not a pleasant feeling.

I had the exact same time in the run — in part I must admit because I LEFT MY RACE BELT AT THE TRANSITION AREA because I was so bonked and, when I finally realized this a half mile or so into the run I was sure I’d be DQ’d (I wasn’t, I guess they don’t care so much when you’re back of the pack, and I was still body-marked and chipped) and thus was totally and utterly demoralized).

It was hotter this year. That’s my excuse. I suppose if I wasn’t as prepared, I’d’ve done worse.

I still can’t figure out how I skipped putting on my race belt. All I can think is that I shoved it to the side when I grabbed my running shoes (I lay it on top of my running shoes so, duh, I don’t forget it).

Malibu Creek

We did this last year as well. It’s a fun run, on fire roads and single track, at Malibu Creek State Park. There’s both a 4 and 14 miler, though we’ve only done the 4 mile run. The folks from Generic Events run this race — they always do a fantastic job at their races, including the Topanga Turkey Trot (which we now do yearly).

Despite the “Malibu” part of the name, the park is several miles inland off Malibu canyon. It gets hot when the morning fog/marine layer burns off. The park itself is very lovely, with a creek, side canyons, and single track up and down small peaks. Scenes from the M.A.S.H. TV show and Planet of the Apes have been filmed there.

BREAK — Dreamz just decided to keep the immunity necklace. Can’t blame him. Dreamz is crying. Didn’t stop him from voting for Yau Man. Why couldn’t Earl, Yau, and Dreamz gotten together and voted out Cassandra? Of the four I feel she least deserves it, and that would’ve at least given an honorable out for Dreamz…though it would’ve done nothing for Earl — who I now expect to win. END BREAK

Anyway, both Dave and I had good runs. He went about 5 minutes faster and I went just under 4 minutes faster than our times last year. It stayed cool (yay!) for the race with the marine layer sticking around til just after we finished.