No, really.

Our compost worms (red wigglers) arrived yesterday and we’re going to set up their bin this weekend. Their instructions said we could keep them in the fridge for a few days before moving them into their new home.

Still haven’t made cheese yet but plan to do so this weekend. I did dust off (literally) our bread machine and made a loaf of basic bread — very tasty.

The veggies continue to thrive. I tried a snippet of basil — very tasty! Many of the natives are flowering — I hope that’s a good sign, and not their last ditch attempt to procreate before death. The fruit trees have caught the interest of a rather large crow (who’s visited several times). We’ve also had a couple doves hanging out — I’m not quite sure what they’re going after, since they just huddle in the mulch.

We really need to start hunting down some windows. Dave knows someone who owns a salvage operation, so we need to email our window dimensions to him.

I’m also on the hunt for a smallish vanity table that we can have converted into a bathroom sink — we’ve found some at Studio Antiques in El Segundo, so if I can’t find anything on Craigslist that’s where we’ll go. They have mainly English arts & crafts furniture.

Dave’s planning on repainting this summer in between summer school and the start of the new school year.

I’ve ordered ceiling fans; as soon as they all come in we’ll have them installed, as well as have some electrical work done in the foundation area. (We really need one for our bedroom, the cats need one for theirs (especially because Obi is an escape artist, so we can’t have the windows open in there at this time), and we ordered a replacement for the dining room fan.