Fresh mozzarella
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CHEESE! I did find something new in Kingsolver’s book. I had no idea you can make cheese at home.

I’ve bought and received the kit she recommended, and just tried it.

It really was tremendously easy — and it tastes delicious.

We went to the Torrance farmer’s market today.

I bought some Gaviota and (the last pint) Seascape strawberries from Harry’s Berries (from Oxnard). They are expensive but oh so worth it. I bought some organic Eureka lemons from another stall and made some strawberry lemonade this afternoon (am drinking as I blog!).

Other items: zucchini, asparagus, peaches, cherries, nectarines, dog treats for Rigel, and a lovely, fat heirloom tomato.

That tomato is destined for dinner with the mozzarella and some of our basil.

Here’s the leftover whey.