slow run 1:10
swim 1700 yds

Tues rest

bike 57 min including hill repeats. Was supposed to ride longer but I overestimated how long the hill repeats would truly take.

planned: 50 min zone 3 run including 5x2min hill repeats in zone 3/4.
Actual 55:46/ 4 miles
planned: 2400 yards swim (main set 1600, rest is warm up, drills, cool down): missed

planned: 1:30 zone 2 bike :50 zone 2 run
Actual 1:36 bike/ 22.9 miles, run 45:06/ 3 miles

planned: 3:00 zone 2 bike :20 zone 2 run
actual: did my 1:50 zone 2 run. Knees a little achy but did 8.3 miles, did a good job keeping my HR where it was supposed to be.

planned: 1:50 zone 2 run
Actual: about 1:30 zone 2 bike; my chain BROKE just after our turnaround at about 21.5 miles. Dave rode like hell for the car and I managed to walk barefoot about 4 miles back towards the car until Dave & I met up. I’ll have to post about this.
1 mile ocean swim: missed