TriVortex had a question re: zones. Here’s what I use:

Running: based on my 3x 1 mile repeat run test

Zone 1/Easy 117-151
Zone 2/Aerobic 152-164
Zone 3/Tempo 165-171
Zone 4/sub-AT 172-179
Zone 5/LT 180-189

I easily get into Zone 5 running up the steeper hills especially if I’m trying to push it.

Cycling: based on my 3x 3 mile repeat cycling test

Zone 1/Easy 109-136
Zone 2/Aerobic 137-148
Zone 3/Tempo 149-156
Zone 4/sub-AT 157-167
Zone 5/LT 168-178

I get higher than the upper limit of zone 5 on the really steep hills.