I’ve contacted a company who makes old-fashioned wood screens about making screens for our windows, as well as a company who restores old windows as well as custom building windows in the same style. The window person is coming out this Monday to do an estimate.

We also have an electrician coming out Monday as well to install the new ceiling fans.

We’ve eaten the May Pride peaches, a couple of Babcock peaches, and some Snow Queen nectarines — the latter are especially delicious. I’m surprised and pleased that any of the trees had fruit this year, let alone some that tasted great.

I’ve also already harvested a couple zucchini and a half dozen squash. Rigel adores the squash (he hasn’t tried any zucchini yet). Oddly enough he seems to prefer veggies to fruit. The basil is going nuts — I’ll have to make & freeze some pesto.