I’m now 40yrs old….b-day was yesterday….PR for my birthday!

so on to this week:

Monday: REST

Tues: Planned: Run 50-55min incl 6x2min hills at Z3/4
Swim 2000yds
Actual: Ran a.m. Could feel it in my quads by the end. Ran w/ socks for the first time in awhile b/c of blister on top of foot from Breath of Life.
Swam at lunch time 2000yds.

Wed: Planned: Bike 1:15-1:30 Z2 w/ 6x3min hills at Z3/4 (will do hilly course)
Did I do something Wed? My brain is fried.

Thurs: Planned: Run 50min Z2
Swim 2750yds
Actual: 1 hr easy bike

Fri: Planned: Bike 1:30 Z2 steady
Actual: Nada post-birthday dinner bash Thurs night

Sat: Planned: Run 2hr Z2
Swim 2200yds
Actual: Run 2 hr Z2

Sun: Planned: Bike 3:30hr Z2, Run 20min Z2 brick
Actual: Bike 3:40, 47 miles; swam about 500-600 yds ocean before bike: splashed around after biking.