The guys from the window restoration place are putting in our windows today!

Before I left for work this morning the guys were doing some initial placing of the casement windows in the living room (replacing the louvered windows that replaced the original casement windows (sigh)). The windows looked absolutely gorgeous! Pics to follow.

Also, we started painting the kitchen & kitchen nook — Yolo Air #2. Very pretty cream color.

While Rosemary was visiting we started painting the old Ikea furniture that we had on our deck. In this month’s Sunset there’s a project for painting tables with stylized hibiscus flowers. Rosemary did the vast majority of the more artistic work as well as doing all the initial grunt work (sanding and priming). Steph did a little of the artistic stuff and some of the basic painting. Dave finished the basic painting and put a couple coats of polyurethane on the tabletops in hopes of protecting the design. They’re all done now.