As opposed to the Easter bunny.

I left some Green Zebra on one of our neighbor’s front steps, and Dave was quick to say, ‘Look! It’s the Tomato Bunny!’

I’ve also been bringing them to work. One of the clinics greatly appreciates them. The other clinic, well, one of the receptionists screamed (yes, screamed, and not in a pleased, happy squealy sort of way) at my ‘alien’ tomatos. Guess which clinic gets more tomatos.

We’ve been inundated with tomatos, especially the Green Zebra, to the point they’re becoming Orang-y Green Zebras on the vine because they’re so ripe and I can only pick so many at once. Still tasty. The Cherokee and the Brandywine are delicious but are scarily large. Part of one is enough for a tasty tomato and mozzarella salad.

The zuchini is still happily producing. The squash is doing so-so, which is okay because I realized I’m not especially fond of the pale green patty-pan type of squash. I like yellow squash.

I’m trying to decide what I want to plant for the winter. Brocolli? Chard? Lettuce? Winter squash?