Our shade garden is located on the north side of the house, contained by the dining alcove wall, the east wall of the garage, the oleanders that line the north edge of the space, and the stairs to the front porch.

We have an unidentified pine tree, two camellias, and the oleanders remaining from the original landscaping; I removed the jade plants and listed them for free on Craigslist and Redondo Freecycle.

Last spring we planted some Heuchara spp, and they’re doing fine.

This week we planted more Heuchara, a hybrid iris, Rhamnus, Ribes, Fragaria, wild ginger, and Dutchman’s pipe.

I would like to do a bird bath in this area, and maybe a mosaic or mural on the garage wall.

Eventually I’d like to replace the oleanders and camellias but I’m not sure if Dave will let me.