Wow, an update. I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth.

My training has gone all to hell, between being sick on & off, the recent fires, etc.

Malibu: survived, first time I’ve not PR’d in a race I’d done before. Could’ve been worse though.

La Jolla: what a neat course. Too bad my right knee decided to feel like it was going to fall apart halfway through and I had to hobble and limp downhill. I would do this again, though. I love these trail run events.

Boney Mountain: postponed til Jan 12th because of the fires that week it was originally scheduled.

Solvang Prelude: did about 40 miles. The first part through Ballard Canyon or whatever is my favorite. I wish the whole ride was like that.

Turkey Trot: upcoming (duh). This is always a fun one — straight uphill for the first mile or so then I get to do my mountain goat imitation down the hill (assuming my knee holds up).

Pasadena Half: upcoming. The way training’s been (not) going it may be a nice 3+ hour walk.

Vineman 70.3 2008: Dave, Mel and I have all registered. My ‘A’ race for next year. Motivation to come up with a training plan and submerge myself into at least my running/biking base training, and to get myself back in the gym lifting for this winter.

Swimming training is on hold for a couple of months for two reasons, the primary, valid-excuse one being I’m in the middle of getting my mountain lion tat on my back. The other main reason is identifying where I’m going to swim.

We quit our 24 Hour Fitness memberships (well, they’re on hold) because we just hadn’t been going. I’m working a lot in Long Beach and can swim at the Belmont Shores pool (site of the 1984 LA Olympics swimming events (?)) before work or possibly at lunch — though I can’t plan on the latter because it seems unscheduled crap always happens (emergencies, surgeries etc) on those days I fully intended on swimming. (So, yes, I just need to get my ass out of bed & into the car & heading over early so I can swim.)

Other races for next year: I’ll do Malibu and Breath of Life again. We’re on the fence about Wildflower. I love it, Dave hates it. Paso Robles also has a big bicycle rally/ rides in May, so that may be fun instead. We’ll do all the local XTerra trail runs we can. Superbowl Redondo 10k. Chesebro half? That’s after spring break (which is going to be the Big Island of Hawaii) and after our yearly Yosemite trip.