Ooh boy.

1. Windows. This includes finishing painting the new windows (no, not done yet); screens (scheduled for March); removing & repairing & replacing the trellises outside the bedroom & cat room windows (needs to be started before the screens); removing the blinds mounts from the insides of the dining alcove windows & repairing the plaster, touching up the paint etc; curtains as needed (includes installing hardware & finding/making/ordering curtains).

2. Paint the deck.

3. Continue yard stuff. Bird bath/water feature?

4. Paint the kitchen cabinets

5. Paint the breakfast nook. Contain the computer cords.

6. Paint the dining alcove (can get fancy with stencils on the wooden beams)

7. Tile the dog run (as practice for tiling the porch)

8. Tile the porch

9. Bathroom — replace the vanity w/ the pedestal sink (which has been sitting in our garage for oh, almost a year)

I know there’s more, but these are the major things.