Some friends and I went to the Pasadena Bead Show Friday. I bought a few beads, chains and buttons, as can be expected — but also some silk and wool roving from Nancy (the pack I bought is actually more red & black with all sorts of silk nubs — it’s fun to spin, not really my type of yarn for knitting though) AND, from Una at Wooly Walkers, some monks’ cloth, hand-dyed rug yarn, and a rug hook.

I actually have wanted to try rughooking with wool yarn for quite some time, but never bothered to order anything to get started. Having it right in front of me was too much to resist. Friday night I hooked a small piece which I can use as a trivet or similar for our dining room table. It’s quite easy and pretty mindless; the creativity is in the designing and yarn/color choice.

Regarding the bead show, I was also tempted by several of the jewelry artist’s works. One woman, Susan from ARABESQUE CUSTOM BEADWORK, makes these amazing “necklaces” with beading, found objects, weaving, macrame-ing (on a teeny tiny level) and knotwork. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a website. Her work should be framed and hung on the wall as abstract art it was so gorgeous. I also loved some of the pieces from Urban Organic Designs, especially the lost wax casting pieces, as well as Julie Fenton Young’s work.

And this post’s title? I need more hobbies….