Another assortment of markers! I made these a couple nights ago. I think my favorite is the set with the Day of the Dead skull. Mel looked at them in disbelief and said ‘So they’re useful too?’ She did think they were very pretty.

I’ve started swatching with the Mule Deer and love it! I’m using my Knit Picks Harmony needles in US6. I’m going to swatch to about the same point on the oak leaf section but including panels A, B, C and D. By that point I should be able to figure out if I need to add in extra stitches.

I’m thisclose to dividing for the sleeves on the Eyelet Cardi. It’s my mindless project but I so love Lush that it’s a pleasure to work on.

Yesterday I plied nearly all the yarn I’ve spun, including the yellow merino pictured previously. I’m really trying to use up the Tunis wool. I just don’t like spinning it and want to finish it. It washes up nicely enough, and I think will be great for the bedroom rug, but it’s just not very restful to spin.