Front yard: Plum/Nectarine Bed
Nice view from the south side of the house of the ‘dry wash’ area and the nectarine/plum bed.

This “David’s Choice” is doing fabulously; the other died. They were only about 4-5 feet apart. I have no idea why the other died.

I’ve named all the areas of the yard for my own easy reference. Beds that include fruit trees are thus known by the fruit trees in them. (Beds or areas without fruit trees have other names that make sense to me.)

“Apple Tree” bed
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Morning glory
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This view includes, from the left side moving clockwise, the southernmost tip of the apple tree bed, the nectarine/plum bed, the peach/apricot bed, and the middle to northern edge of the slope.

Front yard
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I really like this verbena — it’s doing really well next to the rock. The flowers are a very pretty, subtle lavender (the other verbena is much brighter.

All the yarrow is doing well — flowering as well as spreading (I can see new fronds coming up around the main plantings). Most of the plants have white flowers but one has pale pink and the other medium to dark pink.