Well, for now, at least; all the windows we’re going to be working on in the near future.

Colony Wood Screens put up the last of the screens this past week in our bedroom and the cats’ room. The screen look & work great; we are very happy with them. They are made of copper screen with wood frames. Dave had finished painting the windows the week prior.

Cali in Window

I picked up a Key/Mexican Lime tree and an improved Meyer Lemon tree from our favorite local nursery, International Garden Center. I would love to have oranges, especially blood oranges, but they need heat to fully ripen; our temperatures just don’t get hot enough. The nursery did, however, have a variety of oranges; when I asked why, since they won’t do well here, the very nice lady helping me told me people demand them anyway.

key lime and meyer lemon 25 may 08

My tomatoes from seed are coming along so-so. I tend to be a fairly negligent gardener, so the lack of germination of some of the seeds I blame as much on myself and my inexperience as with the seeds themselves. Nonetheless I’ve planted 8+ different varieties in my Earthboxes on my garage roof.

I also purchased some pepper and tomato seedlings from someone on Craigslist. Her plants were beautiful and strong. Two of the peppers went into an Earthbox, as did the cherry tomato; the other pepper and other two tomatoes I planted in the side yard.

garage roof earthboxes tomatoes

We still have leeks to harvest and eat. I don’t think the brussel sprouts are going to do anything. We finished eating the peas and I’ve composted the remains of their plants. I planted these way too late (and did the same with my tomato seeds).

One of my plans for this weekend is to come up with a year ’round garden plan of sowing, pruning, fertilizing, watering, and maintenance for the various plants and trees.