Quick update on the Independence goals:

  • Plant something:  nada but we did clean out the garage and I have identified several sets of bins to make into homemade earthboxes (PDF here)
  • Harvest something:  ate some Santa Rosa plums;  ate some plums from a coworker off her Santa Rosa plum tree
  • Preserve something:  nada, not enough to harvest
  • Plan/Manage:  does cleaning the garage count and finding my containers count?  see Plant Something above.  The following still need to be worked on
  1. making self-watering containers
  2. picking out appropriate veggies/lettuce for said containers
  3. ordering said seeds
  4. finalizing my yearly garden calendar (for native plants, fruit trees, and veggies) so I don’t get such a late start on various things (and so Dave knows the overall picture)
  5. finding the local food sources for beef
  6. learning about canning and ordering equipment
  7. set up my ‘dye studio’
  8. watering system for the fruit trees and food garden and containers
  • Cook Something New:  I didn’t, but Dave learned how to roast a chicken
  • Work on Local Food Systems:  Identified a source of chickens, Rainbow Ranch, and bought a couple chickens to try — very good!  Bison we can get at the Torrance Saturday FM.  Eggs?  need to look into and talk to the guys at the FM.
  • Reduce Waste:  no change here, still composting & recycling
  • Learned a new skill:  I learned a new provisional cast on for knitting (okay, I’m stretching here!)