33 out of 50 of the four-row repeats on the first half of Flutter are done!

I’m going to update my books for sale on Ravelry today…. (DONE)

I’ve purged a lot of old saved (free) patterns from my laptop and need to do the same on the desktop. (DONE) I can always just favorite them on Ravelry if I think I want to ever knit them (keeping in mind the whole MagKnits thing, where all those free patterns disappeared).

Local Foods

Tomatoes and peppers are ripening in our garden.  We have farmer’s market peaches, nectarines, plums, lettuce and more we got yesterday.  We also bought some bison (2 packages of ground and 1 of cube steaks) and local cheese (including burrata, yum!).  We can make bread in our breadmaker.

Lunch today(drooling as I comtemplate theis):  heirloom tomatoes and burrata salad….scrambled eggs with leftover millet mixed in….nectarines.  Iced tea.


I finally went through all my old issues of Natural Home Magazine and pulled out the articles I wanted to save last week.  It’s amazing how little I did keep from the magazines, considering I’ve been keeping them since, I think, 2004, when my subscription started.  I also purged our Locus S&SF mags (similar quantity).  I gave my old Undercurrent mags to a friend who dives — I have online access to the archives so can still access all the info.  I find it amazing I can still find BOXES-full of stuff to declutter, but I do think I’m becoming more ruthless in order to do so.

Independence stuff

  • Plant something:  I planted some basil seeds
  • Harvest something:  ate some fruit off our trees
  • Preserve something:  nada, not enough to harvest
  • Plan/Manage:  still working on all the projects.  I leave the list up just to torment myself.
  1. making self-watering containers
  2. picking out appropriate veggies/lettuce for said containers  (DONE)
  3. ordering said seeds
  4. finalizing my yearly garden calendar (for native plants, fruit trees, and veggies) so I don’t get such a late start on various things (and so Dave knows the overall picture) (Did Summer!)
  5. finding the local food sources for beef (various bookmarked, and we can buy bison at the Torrance FM)
  6. learning about canning and ordering equipment
  7. set up my ‘dye studio’
  8. watering system for the fruit trees and food garden and containers
  • Cook Something New:  We cooked a Romanesco broccoli thing.  It was tasty and very interesting to look at.
  • Work on Local Food Systems: The chickens at the Torrance FM are indeed free range and spend all their time outside.
  • Reduce Waste:  no change here, still composting & recycling.  See all the decluttering above, those things will go to charity.
  • Learned a new skill:  well, I’m learning more about this webpage and how to use text widgets.