Since we traveled to Italy, we missed out on the biggest part of our tomato harvest, but I was able to pick these a day or two after we got home:

tomatoes 2008

(same container, just different shots)

Totally delicious, a wide mix of varieties and flavors.  We had some with, of course, fresh mozzarella and basil, with salt, pepper, and a little Sonoma olive oil and some balsamic.  (We do have wine and olive oil on the way from Italy, I expect we’ll get that shipment in about a month.)

Dave made the Earthboxes this past week, finishing up today, and I sowed one with arugula, endive, and various mesclun seed mixes.  The other I sowed with the two types of carrots and celery.  I put some chive seeds in the medium sized pot that currently has basil growing.  I placed both boxes on the garage roof, which, so far, has not collapsed (Dave’s fear).