Plant something: mesclun mixes, arugula, endive, celery, carrots in our new Earthboxes
Harvest something: lots of tomatoes
Preserve something:  nada, ate it all
Plan/Manage: still working on all the projects.  I leave the list up just to torment myself.

  1. finalizing my yearly garden calendar (for native plants, fruit trees, and veggies) so I don’t get such a late start on various things (and so Dave knows the overall picture)  — still in progress, I now have a calendar at Sunset Mag’s website to consult as well
  2. learning about canning and ordering equipment
  3. set up my ‘dye studio’:  I basically need to find a hot plate, I’ll do most of the work then on the deck
  4. watering system for the fruit trees and food garden and containers
  5. Tankless gas water heater:  our friends Jan & Bob have a lead for us on this.  Our current (large, inefficient) water heater is way past its warranty/life span.

Cook Something New: haven’t yet but did buy an interesting purple cauliflower thing at the FM Saturday

Work on Local Food Systems: still searching out meat options.  Joined the LA slow food chapter meat list before our Italy trip, so do have some more resources to explore.

Reduce Waste: no change here, still composting & recycling.  Traded in a bunch of books, will probably use the credit to get nice mylar protective covers on them (the bookstore will do this for $1/book).  (I’m counting protecting the books as being a good thing, outweighing the production of the covers…..)

Learned a new skill
:  nothing new