….to letting myself cast on for a new project. I’ve finished one of the WIPs (handspun hat) and should finish Flutterby this morning (or at least have it blocking by lunch time, which, to me, counts as finished). Pics to follow.

I know, that only adds up to two FOs. But who’s counting besides me? I’ll pick up the edging on the Eyelet Cardi before casting on something new.

Druid Mittens? Cleopatra? Rivendell?

Yard & House stuff

We’ve finally decided to have the (toxic, messy, non-native) oleander ripped out. Plants we’re considering as replacements include Ceanothus “Ray Hartman”, Pacific Wax Myrtle, and Santa Cruz Ironwood.

We’re also planning on getting curtains for the dining nook, which is, of course, much easier said than done, given the unsymmetrical layout of the windows.

I’d like to get started on the bottom kitchen cabinets this weekend.