I have less than 2 diamonds and the toe to complete on New England.  I switched back up to US1’s because the sock was a bit tight across the foot at the gusset.  It’s fine now.   The plan is to finish this today and maybe the embroidery on the Slinky Alpaca top — two FOs?!

All to be fueled by copious amounts of caffeine.

Our year-long Intelligentsia Roaster’s Choice subscription ended this summer to our dismay.  Even worse, a new subscription was nearly double what we’d paid previously.

Since then we’ve been getting by on occasional online orders (once to Stumptown, also good, and a couple to Intelligentsia) and a visit to Intelligentsia’s Silver Lake store when we were in that area running errands.  They told us that there are plans for a Venice store  — which would be incredibly handy, since Dave would pass it to and from work.  In the meantime I’ve also been roasting beans from my green bean stash.  I think I’m getting better — I like my beans better than, say, Starbucks (whose roast is usually way beyond French or Italian), but not as wellas Intelligentsia.

Green caterpillars have been chewing holes in the leaves of some of my veggies (primarily the broccoli & similiar veggies).  I picked the caterpillars off this morning and threw them off the roof.  They’re actually very pretty, a soft velvety bright green, but they must go.  I plant native plants to provide food to wildlife.  They get to eat things off those plants, not my veggies.

I made meatloaf last night from the J&J ground beef — came out very tasty.  Bread crumbs, an egg, salt, pepper, oregano, a handful of smushed cherry tomatoes (damaged in transit from the Farmer’s Market that morning), and a small amount of carrots.  I forgot to put in some onion, though — one of the dangers, I suppose, of not following any sort of recipe.  I expect we’ll make at least one or two more meals out of it.

Yes, tomatoes from the FM.  We ate what I expect will have been our last tomato from the garden yesterday morning.

By the way a new online food magazine, subscriptions available as a PDF, is out.  Their first issue was on tomatoes.  I’m very tempted to subscribe though it’s a bit pricy.  Check it out at Spezzatino — you can get five days of sample articles.