Okay, keeping in mind I still have today and tomorrow…..


  • Finish Dave’s Scarf:  this is the endless project.  I have re-memorized the pattern.  Perhaps if I worked on nothing else this weekend I could finish this.
  • Finish the other major knitted Christmas present:  this is almost as tedious as the scarf.
  • Finish embroidery on Slinky Ribs (otherwise finished & blocked):  should get this done in the next week.
  • Finish Gathered Pullover (I’m just finishing up the center motif, working top down):  HAH.  Well, that’s not quite fair.  I did finish the body.  I want to re-do the neckline finishing and I think I’ve finally figured out how I want to do the sleeves.  I just need to pick it up again.
  • Finish washing merino:  HAH
  • Finish yak dehairing:  HAH
  • Finish carding BFL:  HAH
  • Card yak: HAH.  But the cats have tried to help.

Home stuff

  • plant rest of wildflower seeds:  Did, and the poppies are already coming up.
  • plant native bulbs:  Did, in the pot in the back.
  • harvest as needed:   Ongoing.  Last of the tomatoes picked this month.  Love the salad bin.
  • set up fountain:  This is really for Dave to do.  With my supervision.

Now, I did finish that New England sock, which is a pretty big deal, considering I did the first in…..2006.

And I’ve been working really hard on my class that I’m going to be teaching at Twist in January (fingers crossed).

And I picked what races I want to do in 2009 and I’m working on my training plan.