Last post I was in New Mexico.  We were home a few days (during which I taught the first meeting of the sweater class and worked one day at my ‘real’l job) then we flew to Austin, Texas to visit my parents (who actually live in Kyle, just south of Austin).  Flew back today.

The lettuce is going crazy, the rapini is attracting a ton of happy honeybees, and the kale is ready to be harvested as well.  On the native plant front, the ceanothus in the corner is blooming, lovely blue flowers;  and the yarrow is thick and lush.

On the sock front, Bayerische is about 75% done.  I have 2 more pattern repeats then the toe and that’s it.

I’ve been swatching for my class sweater.  I just purchased Knit Visualizer and have been having fun trying to put my chosen twisted stitch charts into it (for those familiar with German charts, I’m having fun with the flying ‘b’s).  (The Erlbacher books I’d ordered arrived while we were in Santa Fe.  I have 2 extra sets if anyone’s interested.)

While in Austin I visited Hill Country Weavers (what a nice store! though I think their website is a little too tech-happy and not all that useful or easy to navigate).  I also found a really nifty new store, less than 10 minutes from my parents’ house:  The Yellow Sweater in Buda.  (The owner, Amy,  is unfortunately, self-admittedly, computer illiterate:  they don’t have a website (let alone a Ravelry presence).)  Apparently the focus of the store as it grows will be on yarns for traditional knitting (ganseys, arans, etc) as well as local yarns and fibers.  I chatted with Amy for a bit about teaching knitting as well, since she’s a very experienced teacher.