Lots of it, which is awesome.  I can tell the difference in my plants after even the past day and a half.  The Heuchara‘s flower stalks are now blooming, the Erigonum parvifolium is turning into a huge green mass, the Salvia ‘Pt Sal’ outside our living room window is like a leafy Blob, going everywhere. I can see new growth on nearly everything else, too.

I’ve gotten some of the seeds already that I ordered earlier this week.  I’m trying to plan where I’m going to place an herb bed.  I’m thinking by the parking space, because there’s a relatively large area that is just pathway.  I’m hoping I can prep a raised bed area this weekend (at least the ground will be soft).  I’ve set up the worm bin next to the regular composter and am planning on just adding to the worm bin and let the composter do its thing.  I wish I had a good place for a regular 3x3x3 compost pile….

Tomorrow Dave and I are going to Abalone Cove to go tidepooling.  I’m very excited.  I have a memory of visiting some really neat tidepools as a child (we lived in Long Beach) and I’m now wondering if this is where my parents took me.  I asked my mom but she wasn’t sure.  (FWIW I also remember a REALLY cool park that had slides built into the hill.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  it’d be in the LA/Long Beach area most likely….)

I’ve started a new pair of socks — some Hedgerows in Malabrigo sock (which I bought at Twist).  I’m going to be teaching a sock class at Twist and I wanted to learn how to do 2 socks on 2 circulars (I’m not teaching it in the class but I want to be prepared in case someone else is trying it).  Anyhow, like with any sock (or really, anything small gauge) it didn’t look like much til I had about 5 rows done.  Once I got everything sorted out on the correct needle in the correct orientation everything worked fine.  Since I obviously suffer from SSS (second sock syndrome) if I end up liking this, I’ll probably do most socks this way.  Anyhow, I’m using size 0 Knit Picks metal circs….and I don’t think I could go up to 1’s in this yarn.

On teaching:  this is one way to really make sure you know something (at least if you try to be a conscientious teacher).  Duh, I know, and I’ve had that revelation at other times in my life, so it’s not new, but it’s new to me for knitting.  And although, obviously, you realize how much you don’t know when you really start digging into something, I’m also finding you realize just how much you DO know, which is awfully nice.

Oh, for what it’s worth:  I didn’t get pee’d on at work.  My socks were safe.