Yes, some has been occuring.  Not a lot but some. Running, at least, several times per week.  I need to add on biking and swimming still.   Goal is 2x swim, 3-4x running, 3x bike, 2x gym per week.

Goal race & time is Vineman 70.3 in 2010,  under 7 hrs.  I can dream, right?  We cut out the other races due to costs, but we’ll be doing some practice tri’s on our own.  (Heck, we can do Malibu for free instead of paying nearly $300 for both of us to do it officially.  Of course, I won’t see David Duchovny in a wetsuit, but hey.)

I have a new running partner, Tina, who I met via the LA Tri Club,  and she’s awesome.  Very responsible about showing up, close to my pace, very motivated.  And she’s fine with Darth Rigel coming along.  (He’s quite the little trooper and does a decent job staying, as Dave would say, on task and on target, trotting along.)

I’ve also splurged on the gold plan (here’s my bio) at Beginner Triathlete and glommed onto Evondo’s mentor group.  Find me as StephCat.

I’ve had a little angst regarding what training plan to start with;  I’ve not swum in who knows how long, so I’d like to concentrate on drills and short repeats, maybe 1000-1500 yds initially as opposed to 2000+ yard workouts, but the training plans with enough running have way too much swimming, and those with little enough swimming have little running (i.e. the couch to sprint type plans).  I ended up finally figuring out how to combine elements from different plans.

Unfortunately I’m wretchedly sore today from working out with a trainer yesterday at the gym. I did a few lifts (squat presses & these dead-lifty clean & jerk press things with dumbbells, some bench press, some lat pulldowns) and a variety of speed & agility drills (during which I’m sure I looked like a complete idiot, especially the one in which I did kick my own butt) that had me panting & my legs quivering (and not in a good way).

The good news is I’ve already dropped a couple pounds (actually did so over spring break, pleasant surprise when I weighed myself once we were home).

This actually ties into knitting a little bit.  I’ve signed on the to the Spring Into Summer – aLong, which I found via the Woolen Rabbit.  What the heck.  Maybe I can bribe myself with some Woolen Rabbit yarn if I lose a certain amount of weight or increase my per mile running pace….I’ve just loved the Red Flannel colorway for the longest time.

And now you know why I’ve been knitting nearly all my recent sweaters with negative ease….optimism!