Okay, before you guys are all impressed, let me say, I was listing goals, not necessarily what I’ve actually done.

So this past week I’ve had a couple solid runs and a not-so-damaging-to-me gym episode (we did more upper body).

Not so damaging to me.  But boy, I put the scare in some other people.

I don’t know what’s wrong with going to the gym, doing a little warm up, then hitting the weights.  Obviously, though, that’s rather boring and non trendy.  Have you noticed how trainers will use all the nifty accoutrements?  the cords, the cables, the weird shaped little kettle weight thingies (got to make my acquaintance with those the other day too), and the bouncy heavy balls.

‘Okay,’ he said, handing me one of the heavy bouncy balls, ‘face me, lift it over your head, and bounce it towards me.’

So I did.

After the other gym goers scraped themselves off the floor or wherever they’d dodged to, he had me try again.  I had better aim but used a lot less force (which the latter, I couldn’t help but to think, sort of negates the whole point, but oh well).  People watched with wary eyes.  I managed to get through the whole set without injury (to anyone).

Then he literally wanted me to put a twist into it.  ‘Twist at your waist 90 degrees to face forward, bring the ball overhead, and bounce it.’

An unsuspecting new guy was coming over to work out in our area.  He set up right behind my trainer.

I couldn’t do the bouncy thing.  I couldn’t bring myself to use my strength.  I twisted, brought the ball up, aimed, let go, and let it gently bounce in front of me.

Finally, at that point, I got to lift some weights.