Faux 5k: 34:36. At the turnaround my time was 16:30ish, so unfortunately the split was not good. My hip (left) (which has been hurting for the past month or so) decided to hurt more. I was hoping the several days of rest prior to today’s run would help. If it did, it wasn’t enough. I’m not thrilled with my time — I was hoping under 33 minutes — but it’s not too bad for me.

Our visit to Las Pilitas yesterday was an absolute blast. Penny, Bert’s daughter, was so incredibly helpful and nice (and was tremendously full of energy despite her lamentations re: not enough coffee yet). The area is just gorgeous, all golden hills and oaks and sages — a lovely drive. The area looks like it’d be a lot of fun for bicycling, and we did see a lot of cyclists.  Here’s the new plant list:

Backyard MiniMeadow

And a couple plants for the frontyard: