So far the new plants seem very happy in the backyard.  The Mimulus cardinalis seems to have new blooms.

Dave’s been working hard at recycling the concrete from the backyard as edging for the front.  He’s also been edging with river rock.  I redid the herb-garden-to-be bed, made a new flagstone path along the upper part of the frontyard, planted the new frontyard plants, and placed a lot of river rock throughout the yard, including for the dry stream bed.

New path in progress

Dry streambed from the top

We do have some areas that don’t have plants and plants won’t be spreading to them;  we’re going to make a run to Theodore Payne today.  I’m also going to get one or two more plants for the backyard (for the area by the steps that is currently without and plants).

Dave is always a bit demoralized regarding the garden this time of year, since so many of our plants tend to, shall we say, quiet down quite a bit in the summer.